Ansys Employee
Hi Tomas I'd suggest you use a silent installation mode.

To install Ansys Electronics uses InstallShield.
These are the generic steps I tend to recommend for AEDT silent install on Linux
1.. extract AEDT media to /tmp
2.. create/edit /tmp/AEDT/silAEDT.iss
$ cp /tmp/AEDT/Electronics_xxx_linx64/Linux/AnsysEM/disk1/SilentInstallationTemplate.iss /tmp/AEDT/silAEDT.iss
line 46:-W GroupPanel.groupID="root"
line 69: -P installLocation="/opt/AnsysEM"
line 81: -W TempDirectory.tempPath="/tmp"
3.. install
$ /tmp/AEDT/Electronics_xxx_linx64/Linux/AnsysEM/disk1/setup.exe -options "/tmp/AEDT/silAEDT.iss" -silent
4.. fix license and tempdirectory
When complete edit the following files to specify correct license and tempdirectory:
5.. To run AnsysEM /AnsysEMxx.x/Linux64/ansysedt

If need AnsoftRSMService, that is done by:
Create the /tmp/rsm.iss(correct path and owner as needed)
-W Agree.selection=1
-W GroupPanel.groupID="root"
-P installLocation="/opt/AnsysEM"
Run the following:
sudo /path/Electronics_xxx_linx64/Linux/RSM/disk1/setup.exe -options "/tmp/rsm.iss" -silent
sudo /opt/AnsysEM/rsm/Linux64/ansoftrsmservice startonboot
-- register AnsysEM so AnsoftRSMService can find the solver/comm engines.
sudo /opt/AnsysEM/AnsysEMxx.x/Linux64/RegisterEnginesWithRSM.pl add

To silent install theV22r1.2 patch in Linux
$ tar -xzvf ./ELECTRONICS_2022R1.02_LINX64.zip
$ cd //AnsysEM/Electronics_22.1.2_linx64
$ ./install_patch.bash --force_overwrite --install_dir //AnsysEM
$ cat //AnsysEM/v221/Linux64/product.info
should result in:

AnsProductName="ANSYS Electromagnetics"
AnsProductBuildDate="2022-02-23 19:11:24"

Hope this helps