Thankyou Rob, I understood that confusion, bit conceptual it was,the comments which you was giving days back,now they are coming true, about computation resource and time.
I have parallel processor, with license can share maximum 4 cores, and my RAM is 64 GB,i almost getting 30 million cells to simulate this.
My only question left which is very important is about boundary layer Refinement, i am still not able to reach below 600 y+ value, i used fluent meshing to cope up with manual meshing, but i am stucked since 2 weeks , unable to reduce y+ value below 600 globally...you told about Anisotropic refinement, it helped but upto 600 y+value globally along overall length of ship.
Under Adapt tab, we see Refinement/Adaptation for y+...why we are not using Y+ adaptation, by you chosen anisotropic adaptation?Whats reason behind?
Can you tell how use split ratio in simple way..or any other adaptation tool if you can suggest to get optimal Y+ value.