The mass of the part is 3970 kg, the weight is 38,932 N.
Divide that by 4 to assign the lift force for each spring = 9,733 N
The angle of the spring causes the tension in the spring to be higher than the lift force, so would be 11,240 N for 30 degrees off vertical.
So each spring might stretch about 6.4 mm, which may be okay for a part that is over 4000 mm long, but it might help if you double or triple the stiffness of the springs.
Do you know the X and Z coordinates of the Centroid of the Solid? Click on the Solid under Geometry branch of the Outline look them up in the Details window under Properties.
The ends of the spring must be at the same X and Z coordinates as the Centroid of the mass, otherwise the part will want to rotate as it is lifted. Obviously, the Y coordinate of the springs is much larger.