Erik Kostson
Ansys Employee
Ok that is good.

As for the second point.

Can you please show like i did above, the WB project schematic with the plate mechanical models and the external model.
If I understand this correctly:
Since you have the lattice as an external model and the plates from a mechanical model then it should be very easy to make the plates rigid (I thought the plates where also in the external model together with the lattice). You need to set them to rigid in the mechanical model, mesh them there also - that should work.

Also this might help (set read only to No in the mesh setting in the static system), but do not remesh the lattice (we can use a freeze mesh feature/object on the external model lattice), just let it remesh the plates perhaps.

If this does not work then it seems tricky (/forum/discussion/13466/rigid-body-meshing-error), perhaps someone else that has managed to resolve this can chime in.

All the best