Ok, but... i'll explain better my case.
I split it in 2 cases:
CASE 1: Gravity Force + Weight force given by the machine linked to the beam ( forces D and C)
CASE 2: Rotating force (i considered only the component in the Y-axis direction, which is the most dangerous one, and I inserted in this case the fatigue tool)
Now, if I use the solution combination tool, and insert in this the fatigue tool, will it be a correct model?
The forces in the 1st case (forces C and D) are the static one, while the forces in the 2nd case (A and B) are the rotating one and i inserted only the y-component, and in the Fatigue Tool i used the fully reversed cycle to "simulate" a sort of rotation.
What do you think?
Thank you by the way, you have been very helpful!