I advise you to look at this page too (I forgot to put the link in my previous comment) : https://www.padtinc.com/blog/ansys-mechanical-semi-implicit/

It seems that your problem is caused by the contacts (see Newton-Raphson residues to confirm it), so I also thought that you could solve your problem with one of the following methods (I often practiced these methods to solve my contact problems):

First of all I would like to know if you are driving your study in Force or in displacement?Refine the mesh in contact with the bulb.

1- You put the two bodies in contact from the modeling tool you are using (if they are not in contact from the beginning), then in mechanical you just drive your bulb to insert it with an initial time step at 100, minimum substep at 10 and maximum substep 1000.
or :
2- If at the beginning of the analysis the bodies are not in contact, you make a solution in 2 steps. A first step where you move the ampoule to the contact and a second step where you insert the ampoule.
If you display the Newton-Raphson residues, someone will surely be able to tell you what the problem is if the steps I gave you do not work.

Tell us if it works for you