Ansys Employee
Hi There is no restart in DROP3D for simulating the particle droplet size distribution.
The current "Previous diameter" of Restart mode from the GUI means if the current computing droplet size impingement simulation's solution restarts from the previous droplet size's result. This is not the method of restarting simulation in your case.
The workaround will be modifying the .solvercmd file by removing the steps of existing droplet solution (the droplet size's result, which are already done), only keeping those steps of simulations which are missing. You can following the idea below:
.solvercmd : remove those cmd lines of cleaning, upto "rm -f Distribution.05" in your case
.solvercmd.1 : remove the steps of those completed simulations, upto "echo STEP:DROP3D: Distribution.05" in your case
Launch .solvercmd manually.