If you request NR Residual Force plots they are stored in N files (where N is the number typed into the NR Residual Plots line) that you can view anytime you pause the solution or when the solution terminates by failing to converge or reaching the end time. If the solution converged to the end, you generally don't spend any time looking at the NR Residual Force plots.
Contact has a penetration convergence tolerance. If there is too much penetration, the solver will continue to iterate until the penetration tolerance is met. If the penetration tolerance is not met, and the solver has run out of allowable iterations, then the solution has failed to converge. There are at least three approaches to correct this failure.
1) You can relax the convergence tolerance and accept a larger penetration.
2) You can increase the stiffness of the contact, which will drive the penetration to lower values.
3) You can allow more iterations.
This is very general advice and there are many other considerations and approaches that can help get the solution to an acceptable end time.