Ansys Employee
Hello Enricobovo assume that you already have Simulation A on your workbench project schematic screen, with the simulation result be obtained under given model parameters settings and the flow conditions, all the settings will be stored in polyflow.dat file under the folder for Simulation A, which will probably be .../dp0/PFL-1/PFL, and the result files like res, res.msh and rst will be stored under stored under the folder .../dp0/PFT-1/PFL/Outputs.
If you want to make a change on any of the model parameters and/or the flow conditions, and do not want to affect any thing in the Simulation A which has been stored in the folder .../dp0/PFL-1, you are better to do Duplicate Simulation A to a new simulation, say, Simulation B, and then make change via Setup of Simulation B. By doing this, things in simulation A will not get changed, the new changes in Simulation B will all be stored in a new folder .../dp0/PFL-2/PFL/polyflow.dat file. When update the solution on Simulation B, the results will be stored in a new folder .../dp0/PFL-2/PFL/Outputs.
Hope this clarifies.