Hi, @greg_baethge Thank you very much for your respond.
I consider thy the method you give, but I have several questions;
The position of Lumped Impedance is in Cathode and Anode ,right?
You mean, which one to choose in Lumped Impedance, or both(rse and rsh)?
What does rse and rsh stand for?
What value should I assign to rse and rsh ´╝ƒ50 Ohms for both?
Should I add value for rse and rsh in all device simulation, from dark current, responsivity to bandwidth simulation, or just need to add them in bandwidth simulation?
In bandwidth simulation,because of the transient mode, what should I add? like this?

7 I have a little doubt. Your current method looks like adding an external resistor. In this case, even if the bandwidth trend is correct, it is not the real bandwidth generated by the resistance of the device itself. Is this reasonable?
8 Just switch 2D to 3D´╝îwill make its bandwidth trend normal?

Thank you again for you help.