Sorry for not replying earlier. With the new update I don't seem to get notifications when my questions gets replies.
Anyway, it was after some iterations. I monitored the flow behavior using an iso-surface cross section and found some bad elements in the area. I fixed it and now it works fine. But with that, there comes my current problem.
Residuals are stabilized even after 10,000 iterations but they are not reducing. I just guess that this is may be due to my first cell height being extremely small (7.6x10^-7 m) my aspect ratios are big in that near wall area. Can this be the issue?
I tried reducing the aspect ration by giving that body a body sizing of 0.5 mm so the individuals elements themselves are small. But beyond that I cannot reduce body sizing since it end up getting a huge element count (When the element count is high fluent tries to initialize and but fails and exit)
Can you please help me Rob? I've always referred to your explanations in the forum and they've always been a big help. This is for my research. Any advice would be highly appreciated. Been stuck here for so long.
Thank you !!