Dear Sir,nI first tried analysing my braid structure, by applied force from the bottom surface, to see the deformation. It came out to be successful. So, I think I have no problem with the braid model. I will attach the picture below:nPlease note that, I developed the solid model of braid in SOLIDWORKS and I combined all the individual bodies of braid fibres as one single model.nhttps://drive.google.com/file/d/1i2mMk_d4wvrLhDlRv24CrRSq0cfkbhjg/view?usp=sharing. Please check the analysis name NR assy with combined braid.nSorry that my workbench file is larger than usual.Also, kindly support me to create beam and shell elements for rubber tuber and braid respectively. Because in Static structural package, under meshing, I can see no options to do it. So suggest me some software to do the same and some reference articles related to this.n