Navigating Lunar And Cislunar Space With ODTK

  • The Orbit Determination Tool Kit (ODTK) is improved to address the expanding need for navigation and positioning services in the lunar and cislunar domains. This webinar will discuss the simulation and processing of measurements of orbital and surface-based vehicles in the lunar environment. Examples will include using Global Navigation System Satellite (GNSS) measurements from existing Earth-based and proposed Moon-based GNSS systems.

Attendees will come away understanding that:

  • ODTK supports the use of GNSS measurements from existing Earth-centered systems for lunar and cislunar applications
  • ODTK can be used to model proposed GNSS architectures in orbit about the moon
  • ODTK contains a selection of additional measurement models which help support analysis and operations in the lunar and cislunar domains

James Woodburn