Ansys CTO Office in EMEA Presents:Metaverse and the Industry

About this Webinar

Introduced as a technological revolution, the metaverse never ceases to seduce companies in all sectors. Barely a few months ago, some forty organizations, including Meta, Ikea, and Sony, created the Metaverse Standards Forum, an industrial consortium whose objective is to generate metaverse standards.

Based on Augmented Reality or Virtual Reality technologies, the metaverse is seen as the future of digital simulation. Since it's conducive to collaboration between engineers worldwide, it gives them access to a potentially infinite database of digital twins and the ability to work together and simultaneously on them.

What You Will Learn

  • Discover how Ansys brings Reality to Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality
  • The real value of the Metaverse for Industrial Applications
  • The Metaverse: Digital Twins on Steroids

Who Should Attend

If you’re in charge of R&D or New Product Development or Product rollout and deployment, you’ll find it interesting to listen.

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