Ansys 2023 R1: Ansys Icepak With AEDT What’s New

  • The 2023 R1 release for Ansys Icepak offers a large set of enhancements – meshing improvements, faster simulations, and an upgrade to the Compact Thermal Model for use with Redhawk-SC Electrothermal and encrypted TSMC technology.

What You Will Learn

  • New Meshing Enhancements include stair step meshing (2D multilevel), capturing individual layers and details, resulting in a more robust PCB meshing that functions on stacked and layered structures
  • Enhanced post-processing for thermal fields resulting in a 2-3X speedup in performance over the 22R2 version
  • Compact Thermal Model (CTM) Version 2 supports code simulation bidirectionally with Redhawk-SC ET when utilizing encrypted TSMC technology
  • Capture environmental effects (fans/airflow and convection/radiation) and then return this thermal data to RHSC-ET

Who Should Attend
Icepak users
Jeffery Tharp