Ansys 2023 R1: Ansys HFSS What’s New

  • The gold standard in computational electromagnetic simulation, the Ansys High-Frequency Structure Simulator continues to improve and expand its capabilities from over four decades of world-class R&D. It brings new features and functions to users in 2023.

What You Will Learn

  • Layout Component Placement Enhancement in HFSS 3D – Improved workflow to easily place layout components in HFSS 3D to create highly complex assemblies in minutes.
  • HFSS Parallel Component Adapt for 3D Component Array – Accelerate finite array simulations by adapting individual 3D component cells of an array in parallel.
  • Improved HPC performance for distributed mesh fusion solver – Improves hardware utilization and simulation time during mesh fusion.

Who Should Attend
HFSS users Speaker
Matt Commens