Ansys 2023 R1: Ansys Fluent What’s New

  • We'll highlight the significant advancements in Ansys Fluent, including: Unleash the power of multiple GPUs for a broad spectrumof applications with the full release of the Fluent multi-GPU solver.
  • Address sustainability challenges with accurate hydrogen modeling throughout its value chain.•Automate workflows and craft customized solutions more efficiently with an embedded PyConsole.
  • Improve robustness for all flight regimes with High-Speed Numerics (HNS) in Fluent Aero.
  • Increase automation and productivity with a Virtual Blade Model (VBM) replacing 3D rotors with source terms in the governing equations.
  • Run parametric studies and design optimization directly within the Fluent interface, including morphing.
  • Perform advanced electronics cooling analyses, including condensation, evaporation, andmore, with a new direct ECAD workflow for printed circuit boards (PCB)

What You Will Learn

  • See all the new major release features for Ansys Fluent in 2023 R1 Reduce simulation solve time and power consumption with the multi-GPU solver in Fluent
  • Address sustainability challenges throughout the entire hydrogen value chain
  • Build custom workflows and solutions with Fluent using Python

Who Should Attend
All engineers and engineer managers using Ansys Fluent Speaker
Giovanni Petrone