Ansys 2023 R1: Ansys EMA3D Cable And EMA3D Charge What’s New

  • The 2023 R1 release brings many new features and enhanced capabilities to EMA3D Cable and EMA3D Charge. These include integrations with many other Ansys tools, automated workflows, improved support for designers working on EMC, PE-CVD, and space applications, a new Multiple Cable Harness tool, and much more.

What You Will Learn

  • Ansys EMA3D Cable
  • New API and interoperability features with Ansys optiSLang, Ansys ModelCenter, Ansys STK, or a user Python script (pyEMA3D.) This feature allows 3D geometry and cables to be programmatically adjusted and the simulation re-run many times without user interaction.
  • New automated workflows that enable full-device and full-vehicle simulation with automatic material assignment from Ansys Granta, automatic meshing, and automatic post-processing with standard electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) limit curves.
  • New Multiple Cable Harness Tool permits the automatic import of additional cable database formats, the automatic joining of different harnesses at connectors, and the rapid assignment of cable termination circuit elements. Ansys EMA3D Charge
  • New integrated data visualization capabilities within Ansys Discovery complete the analysis of simulation results in the end-to-end workflow of EMA3D Charge. Engineers have optimized access to all 3D, time-varying variables of the EMA3D Charge physics solvers through a GPU-accelerated graphics visualization toolkit.
  • New integration with System Coupling 2.0 allows for the exposure of plasma physics variables in EMA3D Charge to other Ansys physics solvers, emphasizing Multiphysics coupling to Ansys Fluent for modeling heat generation, convection, and dissipation in arc modeling or plasma dynamic models in PE-CVD applications.
  • New seamless integration with Ansys STK enables users to efficiently analyze radiation shielding dose and internal charging in 3D, using the time-varying radiation models available along an ephemeris defined in an active STK session.

Who Should Attend
EMA3D Cable and EMA3D Charge users Speaker
Kim McDonald Kevin-Druis Merenda